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Some Film To Celebrate JFK's 100th

He may be the eternally youthful US president. But believe it or not May 29, 2017 marked the 100th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's birth.

To mark this milestone, we at Priceless Preservation have something to share with you.

Recently, a longtime client brought in some 8mm films to be digitized and preserved on our state-of-the-art frame-by-frame transfer machine. As is sometimes the case with these wonderful home movies, we caught a glimpse of American history.

The client's family lived in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY. And apparently, hearing that the president was in town one fall day in 1962 to celebrate Pulaski Day and campaign for a local member of Congress, the father of the family not only decided to head to downtown Buffalo but bring his movie camera with him.

As a result, he took this remarkable snippet of JFK waving to the crowd and heading down the street on his motorcade. Because of the amount of detail captured on our machine, we were able to not only slow the film down but zoom in on the president as he moved past the camera.

Happy birthday Mr. President, indeed.

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