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Our commitment to custom
client care is apparent in
every audio project we do
The requests we receive for audio work are highly organic, sometimes our most personal work. 

What would you do to hear your grandfather's voice once again? What emotions would you feel if you heard a record of your brother talking years before you were ever born and before he was killed in Word War II? These are some of the projects we have taken on at Priceless Preservation where we can digitize everything from  78 rpm records to mini-cassettes. You name the format, we can probably do it.

All clients get their conversions on both playable CDs and as MP3s and WAV giles on our cloud, which they can share with family members or download to their devices.
What does it cost for audio conversions at Priceless preservation?
Rates start at $25 per hour of audio material (tape, record, etc.)
What Do We convert?
records (78, 45 and 33)
reel-to-reel tapes
Cell phone recordings
And just about anything else your cat drags in

After you are gone, your

 everyday voice will resonate with your loved ones like

a choir of angels.

Remember that as you preserve your priceless family memories.

The preserved audio recording below features a World War II- era record we    digitized for an Ann Arbor client. A story about it was in the Ann Arbor News






















The video above is an example of our extraordinary custom audio and multi-media work. A client brought in a record with this 1945 interview of his grandfather, a Navy pilot who died in 2005. Our client had never heard the old record because he had no way to listen to it. Priceless Preservation digitized the record and combined it with appropriate music, words and interesting military video footage. This unique work is something we really enjoy because it gives creative new life to family  keepsake collections.

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