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Sometimes, it’s hard to come up with a birthday or anniversary present.


Especially for a couple or an individual who seemingly has everything. Or tells you point blank, they don’t want another “thing.”


That’s where we can help.


Sometimes, folks just want to be appreciated, recognized and told how special they are. Or how much they mean to their loved ones.


Our special occasion videos can do precisely that.


We can do something to present at the occasion. For example, a Brighton customer came to us with slides of her parent’s traditional Polish wedding from 50 years ago. We scanned those slides and  put them in a slideshow that includes her mother’s memories of the day. 


An Ypsilanti couple was looking to celebrate the family matriarch’s 100th birthday. Using scanned photos and slides, we produced a video that chronicled her remarkable life.


We've produced graduation videos and Valentine's Day video's too. 


Whatever the occasion, we can probably provide you with a special occasion video that will be cherished for years to come. 


We charge $50 an hour for working on your custom project.

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