This 3-minute video shows a recent photo restoration by a Priceless Preservation specialist. The project took about an hour and a half. All of our restoration specialists have fine art training in addition to proficiency with Photoshop and digital tools. The gallery below shows how Priceless Preservation restored a large vintage family photo that was brought to us in fragile pieces. We carefully scanned the pieces separately before solving the puzzle. To finish the project we stripped away the sepia light damage and removed stains and scratches. The project took two hours.

We Rescue Heirloom Photographs

Whether your priceless photographs have been torn to pieces or damaged by water, mold or fire, we can help.

All of our photo restoration work is 100 percent guaranteed and absolutely all work is done locally by artists who consult with you throughout the process.

We take extra care to make sure that each photo restoration project preserves the historical integrity of each photo. Many photo restoration specialists do too much and turn important family photographs into illustrations. Unless you desire an illustration, we will painstakingly take measures to preserve your image as a photo.

We charge $75 an hour for photo restoration work and most pictures can be restored in 30 minutes to an hour. The video at the top left shows step-by-step a 1 1/2 hour photo restoration project. 

Our Before and After Gallery

All Priceless Preservation photo restoration is done by local artists. 

A Perfect Anniversary Gift

The groom in the photo below had us rescue this special wedding picture as an anniversary gift for his wife.

Vintage family photo of men In hats beautifully repaired from badly torn original.

Military Artifact Preserved

Some clients come to us with military photos to restore as Father's Day gifts.

1965 Wedding Double Exposure Rescued (It was the only picture the bride had with her bouquet)

Blurry and damaged negative of precious baby photo saved

Historic Group Photo Restoration

These Upper Peninsula copper miners were working on Valentine's Day in 1912. 

1860s Tintype Photo Restoration of Father and Daughter

Our Most Unique Project To Date

In the video to the right, Priceless Preservation client, Rev. Frankie Young, tells about a very special legacy portrait project.

After Basic Photo Scanning
Before Photo Scanning

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