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We Are Ann Arbor's leader for digitizing photographs

We Turn This:

Into Digital Files So You Can Do This:

Your family photos are irreplaceable. 

Why have them scanned at a place that sees them as a commodity, not priceless mementoes. At Priceless Preservation, we give your photos the respect they deserve.


Your photos will be improved by our high-quality scanning. We do basic color restoration or sepia removal (for black and whites) with every image. Our results are beautiful.


Here’s what we do that is different from all the other companies that scan photos: 


  • Everything is done by hand. We don’t use automatic photo feeders that may crush or damage your photo. We put them on the scanners with our own hands – the hands of professional archivists.  

  • Images are loss-less TIFFs. Following standard archival practice, we don’t just give you JPEGS but the uncompressed TIFFS which have all the data and won’t become corrupt over time. 

  • Order is respected. Want to keep the photos of the 1957 wedding separate from the 1963 trip to Europe? We will follow whatever directions you give us. 

  • Do more.  We can set up online family trees or load your photos to a hard drive that’s accessible via the Internet.

Photo Digitization Rates: Pricing starts at 75-cents per photo. Oversized or fragile photos may cost more. For more extensive restoration we charge $60 per hour. Tip: Basic scanning may be all you need. Do it first and then decide if you want more done. Further restoration can be done at a later date and digitizing now prevents additional damage.

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