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We Scan, Digitize and Preserve Letters, Journals, Magazine and Newspaper Articles, Recipe Collections, Sketchbooks, Scientific Notebooks and other documents that are important to your family or organizational history.
Our recent clients have included the family member of a Detroit Free Press cartoonist. She had the pages of his dilapidated journals from the 1880s digitized and preserved.
We also recently scanned about 1,000 important pages from a University of Michigan Fraternity's quarterly report archives -- dating back more than 100 years.
Once our client's documents are scanned, many go on to have their collections published in books that make wonderful gifts for family or fraternity members. We're happy to help you find a publisher who is just perfect for your needs at a price that's right for you. You'll probably be amazed at how cost-effective self- publishing has become and the wide range of options available for design and quality. Simple publishing options begin at the Michigan State Espresso Book Machine and may cost as little as $50.
So don't put off preserving your documents - especially if they are fragile. We'll get them scanned and digitized and put you on track to finish the project of your heart's desire.

Our rates for document scanning start at 

$1 per page depending on size and fragility.

Larger and more fragile pages may cost up to $2.50 per page.

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