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We are so grateful

for the support and

referrals of our

fantastic Customers

Since 2012, we have been building our business almost exclusively by word-of-mouth and loyal repeat clients.

Here are some of the lovely things they have to say about the work we do.

“Just before the Christmas holidays, I contacted Priceless Photo about converting some 8mm film to DVD.... I am very happy with the results. Some sections of the original movies were rather dark from being under-exposed,  but they came out better than I expected. The DVD includes a ‘Menu’ to allow selecting each of the eight rolls separately or all combined. The family was very surprised with the gift. They had completely forgotten that the movies existed. The best part of this was when we played the DVD. It was really fun to watch their faces and hear several times, ‘Oh, I remember that!!’, ‘Who was that?’, and ‘These are great!!’. These are the only movies I've had converted, but if I had more to convert, I would use Priceless Photo again.”

-Jeff, Pinckney

“There were also a number of treasured family photographs that PPP scanned and also transferred to a digital format.  I am not usually at a loss for words, but the impact of what this process has meant to me is hard to describe, the closest I can come is this:

I worked in a visual medium (art), which was a joy and privilege and it all was sold and went to live in the homes of others.  The only reminder I had of all those thousands of pieces was a 100+ slides which, due to technology, was rendered invisible.  Because of the work of PPP my slides were converted into a format which makes my work visible again. All of our slides were returned in an archival quality binder and we received CD and backup disks.  A thoroughly professional job.We could not be any more pleased with the outcome, the quality of work performed by PPP.”

 –Susan, Ann Arbor

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“I had PPP digitize about 400 ft of 8mm film this past December. I was very pleased with the result. Mr. Hoffman knows what he is doing and enjoys what he does. He was on time and within budget and cared very much about the technical aspect of the work. I liked the fact that they are local. I could talk with him during the project. He was very responsive to my questions and requests. And...I never had to worry about how he would handle the film...he took care of it."

-Tim, Ypsilanti


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