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The Priceless Preservation Difference: Home Videos

We Digitize VHS and Camcorder Tapes Without Losing Information


Your VCR is in the basement, collecting dust. Your old camcorder stopped working ages ago. 

What are you going to do with all your tapes, filled with birthday parties, weddings and other important life events?

Bring them to us. We wil digitize them and

breathe new life into them.

Here’s what we do that is different: 


  • Tapes get titles. Each tape is converted separately and is preceded by a title, reflecting what is written on the box or the tape itself. 

  • You get digital files too. Besides playable DVDs, you get the conversions as digital files you can share with family members through our cloud  or download to edit them more. 

Let’s face it, You can’t go back to Christmas 1994. But you can sure bring it back to life. 


The video above was shot on a camcorder at a downtown parade celebrating the victorious 1997 University of Michigan Football Team and brought to us for digital conversion. Priceless Preservation has completed numerous projects for members of our U of M community. We enjoy digitizing memories like these for Wolverine faculty, staff and students. Go Blue! (Of course, we give equally attentive service to the Buckeyes among us.)

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