We scan and digitize photo negatives

We use special care when scanning your important photo negatives, processing each strip by hand to avoid fingerprints and dust. The results are beautiful. Each frame receives color restoration and basic scratch removal. All negatives are returned to you in an archivally safe TIFF format.

Our price for scanning negatives starts at $1.25 per frame. Fragile negatives, glass plates and oversized negatives may cost extra. 


Negative: 1 Hour Photo
1-hour photo negatives may be discolored from sub-standard chemical processing over time.
Damaged Image
What damaged image looks like if scanned without correction.
Color Correction
Damage negative scanned with color correction software.
Magic Touch/Color Correct
Damaged negatives come to life with our color correction and magic touch scanning.
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After Basic Photo Scanning
Before Photo Scanning

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