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We Digitize Films

Many Are 50 to 75 years old. The results:


Why do so many distinguished Ann Arbor residents come to us for film conversion services?


They can see the difference.


Here's why:


Priceless Preservation takes a customized approach to preserving your 8mm, Super 8, 16mm Home Movies, with or without sound. If you take your films to a big box store, you are likely to get a mish-mash of semi-satisfactory work. 


  • We have state of the art film conversion equipment. Your films are digitized frame by frame providing eye-popping detail in your digital conversions. 

  • Our digital film conversions don't run together. Each reel is converted separately and is preceded by a title, reflecting what is written on the box or its date stamp.  

  • You get digital files too. Besides playable DVDs, you get the conversions as digital files you can share with other family members on our cloud.  

  • We’ll do what you want. We can add music or keep them silent. We can also work with you to add narration so that the films retain their meaning for future generations.





How much does it cost?

Digital film conversions start at $20 per reel, depending upon length of the film.

The above video is an excerpt of an 80-minute 16 mm film funded by the Ann Arbor Jaycees in 1939 and featuring a number of past Ann Arbor businesses. We digitized it in 2012 for Larry Goetz of Goetzcraft Printing. His grandfather is featured in the movie.

Above is an 8 mm color film digital conversion of the 1952 Opening Ceremony for the Winter Olympics in Oslo, Norway. Priceless Preservation digitized this treasure from a family collection.  It was converted for June Swartz of Ann Arbor. Her father, U.S. Speedskating coach Ben Bagdade, shot the film.

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