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Vintage Photo Restoration: The Perfect Wedding or Anniversary Gift for a Happy Couple In Your Life

We noticed this time last year that photo restoration was becoming a popular wedding and anniversary gift. Clients started bringing in old wedding photos for restoration before we even began advertising photo restoration as one of our services.

First there was a client who wanted to give her daughter framed vintage wedding photos of her grandparents for a shower gift. The photos were scratched and spotted. We fixed them for her and the client called us after her gift was opened to let us know how much the work was appreciated.

Then came in a thirty-something man who wanted us to fix a professional photo that had been taken on his wedding day in 2005. The picture was severely scratched and water stained and had barely escaped a fire. The photographer had quit the business and there was no way for the couple to obtain a digital file of the photo - even though it was a fairly recent portrait (at least by our standards; some clients bring in photos from the 1800s). We restored the photo and provided him with a new print to frame for his wife for an anniversary present. He told us she was thrilled.

Since then we've helped restore a wide variety of vintage wedding photos. We've done everything from remove a flower girl and ring bearer (so a couple could have one nice wedding photo with just themselves in the photo) to separate two film images that had created a double exposure.

We decided to let you know that we've been doing this work for a number of clients because we know we are in the heart of wedding and anniversary season and some of you may be looking for a unique and meaningful gift. We've learned vintage photo restoration makes an excellent gift because we continue to receive calls from clients after the restored photos are received. In every case so far the feedback we've received has been overwhelmingly positive.

Our photo restoration specialists are trained in photoshop AND portrait drawing and that's why we're better equipped to handle severely damaged and and challenging projects very efficiently. Here's a 3-minute video showing the process step-by-step.

We charge $60 an hour for photo restoration and most vintage photos can be restored in 30 minutes to an hour. Most projects can be turned around in 2 to 3 days. To inquire about your unique restoration project, stop in and see us at between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday at 122 S. Main Street, Suite 110 C, drop us a line at or call us at 734) 219-3916.

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