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Detroit Hot Rod Racing Films Digitized

Below are three 8mm color films of automobile racing in the Detroit area, c. 1953.

These are some of the films we digitized for Mason Bright, a Detroit native, former NASCAR driver and longtime member of the Motor City Modified Auto Club. Formed in 1948, the MMAC started as a conglomeration of hot rod enthusiasts who used to gather at Detroit’s Northwestern Highway and (we think) Ypsilanti’s Willow Run Airport to race their cars.

Besides plenty of racing action, you get glimpses trophies, close-ups of members – and even a leaderboard or two. If you have any information to add, please leave it in the comments section below or at the YouTube video page.

Because these films were digitized in HD, we highly recommend adjusting the settings accordingly and playing them full screen.

This film was digitized by Priceless Preservation, an Ann Arbor firm of U-M trained archivists devoted to helping families in southeast and west Michigan, as well as northwest Ohio, preserve and digitize their most precious memories. We work with slides, photos, photo albums, letters, videos and films.

Contact us at or (734) 219-3916 for a free consultation about digitizing your important mementoes.

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