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Huron Football Players Help Priceless Preservation Expand Our Business

How many Huron High School Football Players does it take to help a small business move several loads of heavy furniture to a new location? We were only expecting about six or eight to pitch in. But about 20 members of the team got up early Saturday morning to help Priceless Preservation expand into our second location on Huron St. near the YMCA. They were fast. They were efficient. They were pleasant. And they truly appreciated the the opportunity to do Community Service!

Thank you Huron River Rats! You are Priceless Preservation's new favorite sports team. No longer will Patty and Rob have to debate about whether the Tigers or the Mets are best. Clearly the Huron River Rats are the best team ever!

Thank you Coach Broderick Smith for assembling your team members to help us. We were happy to make a $500 donation to your uniform fund and we hope other area businesses will make donations to your program in exchange for such wonderful help.

Between now and June 30, Priceless Preservation will donate 10 percent of our proceeds to the Huron High School Football Program.


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