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Group Photo of Upper Peninsula Copper Miners From Valentine's Day 1912

With all of the hype surrounding Valentine's Day, most of us will admit that Cupid's favorite holiday has fallen short of our expectations from time to time.

Our lives are not always as romantic as a Rex Smith song — even when we are with the significant other of our dreams. But most of us can at least say that we never had to work in a mine on Valentine's Day.

Priceless Preservation client Phyllis Meek has two hard working ancestors on her family tree who were not able to make that claim. They in fact were working in a copper mine in Michigan's Upper Peninsula on Valentine's Day in 1912.

Meek had a severely damaged group photograph to prove it. We are grateful that she brought the photograph to us just in time for us to restore it for Valentine's Day 2017.

Thank you, Phyllis! It was our pleasure to help you with your special genealogy project. We know your family members will appreciate your investment in having this interesting picture restored.

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