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A Clear Vision: Priceless Preservation Client Entrusts Us With A Special Project

The Rev. Frankie Young had a vision: A picture of her parents that looked as though they'd made a special appointment with a studio photographer for an heirloom portrait to be handed down to family members for generations.

In the portrait her father wore a blue pinstriped suit. Her mother wore pearls.

What was unusual about the Rev. Young's vision was that the picture, so crystal clear in her mind, didn't actually exist. Physically it never had. In fact, she had just one faded photograph of her father, a colleague of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Sr., who died when she was still in diapers. She had only two photos of her mother, a kind and loving woman who died when she was only fourteen.

Last fall when Rev. Young came to Priceless Preservation for assistance a portrait of The Rev. Harry Andrew and Frances Ruth Smith together didn't exist yet. Thanks to Rev. Young's clarity in articulating her vision to us, a large version of that heirloom portrait she dreamed about now hangs on the wall of her Plymouth, MI, home. Eight-by-ten versions of the picture have been distributed to her siblings, children and grandchildren.

This video shows how the work was done:

"Now everyone in my family can have a picture of my mother and father," Rev. Young said. "This is a legacy."

We feel so honored that Rev. Young entrusted us with this very special project. It is the most unique photo restoration project we've taken on so far at Priceless Preservation.

Knowing how much the project means to Rev. Young and her family, we hope to have the opportunity to help more clients honor their special family members in similarly creative ways.

If you have a question about the photo restoration and family history preservation work we do at Priceless Preservation, drop us a line at, give us a call at (734) 219-3916 or stop in and see us between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday at our office, 122 S. Main Street, Suite 110 C, Ann Arbor, MI. Click HERE to watch a three-minute video showing a standard portrait restoration from start to finish.

Our complete line of services includes photo scanning, conversion of videos, cassettes and reel-to-reel films to DVD and much, much more. With a University of Michigan trained archivist and two professional photographers on our team, we're well situated to handle all of your unique family history preservation projects.

Final Portrait

The Rev. Harry Andrew and Francis Smith

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