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Basic Photo Restoration At Priceless Preservation From Start To Finish

At Priceless Preservation we tackle a wide variety of photo restoration projects and we love helping our clients ensure important family photographs are handed down to future generations in the best possible condition.

There are a number of places that offer photo restoration services nowadays. In most cases the actual restoration work is done by someone in another state or even another country and it's unlikely a client would ever have an opportunity to discuss the project with the person who's actually doing the work. We know of no one who offers the custom care and special attention we offer to each of our clients.

The video below is an example of how uniquely we treat your family treasures. It shows the progress of a basic photo restoration project from start to finish. The portrait featured in the video took Priceless Preservation about an hour and a half to restore.

Our photo restoration experts are not just versed in photoshop and digital magic. We're also experienced and trained in portrait art and figure drawing and understand the anatomy of the human face and its features.

In almost every case we're able to provide our clients with photo restoration results that exceed their highest expectations. Our photo restoration work is 100-percent guaranteed. So, if clients aren't happy with the results we've been able to achieve, we don't charge them anything at all. That doesn't happen very often but occasionally we do run into someone who expected something different from what we were able to achieve.

One reason why we almost always exceed our clients' expectations is that, unlike the big box stores, we stay in close communication with every client during the restoration process. We call before we get started to talk about the possibilities. We communicate again when the work is underway. And before we deliver a project, our clients have the opportunity to view the work we've done in an online album and express their approval.

For more information about photo restoration at Priceless Preservation in Ann Arbor, send us a message at, call us at (734) 219-3916 or stop by and see us between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday in our office at 122 S. Main Street, Suite 110 C. We're in the Goodyear building with Ann Arbor State Bank and The Gown Shop.

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