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We Rescue Severely Damaged Photos

Until recently Photo Restoration wasn't a huge part of the work we did at Priceless Preservation. That's mainly because we hadn't had a big demand for it. This spring and summer that changed. Several clients brought in photographs that required extensive photo restoration and gave us an opportunity to feature our talent in this area.

We are incredibly proud of the team we've assembled at Priceless Preservation and the work that we're

doing for our amazing clients. We're particularly proud of the

photo restoration work Patty Maher and Shane Davis are doing. Both Shane and Patty are proficient in photoshop -- but each also has training in traditional portrait drawing. Their expertise in portraiture is producing some beautiful results for our clients.

Patty and Shane are able to recreate features that have been badly marred by scratches, water spots and time, we are proud of how much integrity our they bring to each restoration project. If you bring Priceless Preservation a

vintage photograph to restore, we will return it to you still looking like a vintage photograph -- not an illustration! That's so important to us because we specialize in family history preservation and our business was founded by a University of Michigan trained archivist.

We expect each photo restoration we undertake to be a work of art that preserves the integrity and story behind the damaged original we take in for rescue.

Priceless Preservation cares deeply about your stories and helping you preserve your history for future generations. We are so excited now to be able to feature top-of-the line photo restoration as a service to our clients. Our team is now able to work quickly on these restoration projects so we can turn them around in time for special occasion gifts.

We find restored military photographs are incredibly moving gifts for veterans. Restored wedding photographs make amazing anniversary gifts. If you have a photograph you would like restored, bring it to our office at 122 S. Main Street, Suite 110 C, Ann Arbor, Mi or contact us by phone, (734) 219-3916 or email,

In addition to providing clients with archival-quality digital restorations of damaged photographs, Patty and Shane consult with clients regarding prints. We will have prints made for photo restoration clients who want them. In some cases we are also able to provide delivery.

If you have any questions about the photo restoration work we do at Priceless Preservation, don't hesitate to ask. We are trilled to be able to offer you such a high level of skill and expertise with important photo restoration projects.

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